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Wayne Harada on Brightman/Iz duet – “Hawaii ’78”!

From the Star Advertiser‘s Wayne Harada is an article about Sarah Brightman’s cover of IZ’s “Hawaii ’78”!
“So how did Sarah Brightman, who originated the role of Christine in both the London and Broadway productions of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera,” discover and proceed to record “Hawaii ’78,” a popular track by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole?  “Sarah found the song and listened to it all the time,” said Jon de Mello, producer of many Bruddah Iz albums, who conversed with her handlers and musical producers about securing rights to do it as a Brightman-Iz duet. Simply put, she wanted to do a duet, with Iz, and she knew he was gone.  “I jumped, thinking she was thinking of ‘Over the Rainbow,’ but no it was ‘Hawaii ’78,” said de Mello.  She wanted to do it on her next album, “Dreamchaser,” being released to coincide with her global and American tour.  “Obviously, I was honored and thrilled; she knew the song a year ago, and she wanted to sing it with Israel.”
The British producers sought tracks where the instrumentations were separated, said de Mello.  “But it was problematic; I told them I didn’t have the instruments separate; the ukulele and guitar got married along the way, and they needed separate tracks.”…”Read the full article, HERE!  And also PREVIEW the song now!IZ’s original Hawaii ’78 recording is available from his, “Facing Future” album!