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“Over the Rainbow” Music Box

IZ’s birthday is coming up on May 20th. If someone else you know also has a birthday coming up, check out your local Hallmark store for the perfect gift! They’ve got a wonderful music box that plays IZ’s “Over the Rainbow” AND you can record your own personal greeting! When someone opens the box, it will alternate between your greeting, and the song. It’s also a memory box, and you can add your own photo and other keepsakes.

Here’s a demo of the music box in action!

Call your local Hallmark store for availability. http://stores.hallmark.com/ Retail price, $19.99.


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  • iI would like to have the Hawaiian words to TwinkleTwinkle Little Star.
    Please let me know how to get this.

  • So GLAD you were born Iz! Thank you for your beauty, for working to protect, defend and free your land and for the legacy of your all too brief life. You live on in our hearts.


  • I have discover Israel on Radio Margaritaville and had to google him – this is truly a feel good song and a great voice – thank you for the gift you give others with this new rendition!

  • Can someone assist me in finding this music box I can’t seem to find a store that sells it:(

  • Hello
    I need help about copyright. I would like to use ‘Over the Rainbow’ mp3 music as a background music for my video, but do not know I can, because of uploading on You Tube? I purchased this song mp3 on Amazon.
    Please, can you help me to clarify this case!

  • I really want to purchase this music box. Anyone?