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NEW IZ Digital Download – Fan Favs!

Aloha IZ fans! We’ve JUST released a new IZ compilation, exclusively for download at! It contains 10 fan favorite songs as well as a BONUS never before released track of Hawaiian Sup’pman, available ONLY through this special album download. Just click the link!

For those looking to share IZ with their family and friends, this album is a perfect selection of songs to introduce IZ into their world. Aloha!


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  • Great inspiration. Thank you IZ.

  • burudda cheers, I a loa from the island of Maui I move there 2007, Feb 2nd. I am a brudda of the Masons trade OPCMIA I live on Maui 4 like about 4 years, I know that Hawaii is where I belong because living there and living with Da’kind and kind of feeling the aloha spirit I had a beautiful woman Koa from A’ahu we fall in love yeah I try teach Myself about computers people still My informatoin from My computer, that ok becuz I know I got family, I also like Da’kind song a brudda sings “ON THE ISLAND” when I first here that song it bring tears to My eyes becuz I have a spiritual connection, but because My local 82 in Portland OR. that never defend Me in a horrific accident that almost took My Life sept 1990, a saturday the union operative Plasterers & Cement Masons with hold information from Me for 7 years thats so sad I Live with the pain for 22 years then I sign up with a company legal shield thats supposed to protect My idenity I pay a year in advavce I never gave up MYunion Membership Local 82 stoled it from Me, and even though I know I made some beautiful friends and and probably some distant family i’m thinking i’ll always support the islands from My heart and with My investments. Be cuz I realize that the people that support Me even as a recordind Artist just like yourself I like we’ll i’m going to keep on believing that what ever computer hacker thieves that steal from Me that My Aloha family catch em and ask our heavenly farther to renew woman codey Koa mother to wellcome Me back because now you know the truth about My membership stay with winward co. local630 stay cool love ya like a brudda pease. rite on

  • Borther Iz …. voice of an angel … talent from God … you are missed.

  • I went to Hawaii for the first time last week and heard Iz beautiful music for the first time. What a great man!