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To celebrate this year, we collected fan stories and photos from around the world! Come back tomorrow to check out our brand new FANS section!

In the meantime, here’s some other great fan works!

This is Sungha Jun, a famous acoustic finger-style guitarist from South Korea; here he is covering “Over the Rainbow”!

Here’s a video of a fan who did a digital painting of IZ!

Here’s another portrait of IZ by fan Donovan Crisp!

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole by ~SprayCaint123 on deviantART

Here’s “The Piano Guys” with an instrumental cover of “Over the Rainbow”! Filmed on O’ahu on the North Shore!

Did you know Pearl Jam covered “Over the Rainbow” a few years back? Here’s a video of Eddie Vedder giving a very heartfelt performance in concert in Hawaii!

Here’s a very cool solo a cappella of “Over the Rainbow” by Youtuber daiyel!

Here’s one of IZ’s many young fans performing his rendition of “Over the Rainbow” 🙂


There are 3 comments on HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IZ!

  • Happy birthday IZ!

    You always make me happy with your music! 🙂
    Thank You So Very Much!!!

    I am glad You where borned! So as we say in Norway; Hipp, Hipp, Hipp HURRA!!!!
    Love from
    Only Me 🙂

  • Hawaiian culture has an awesome tradition for respecting their children and raising them in doting and family units. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” shows itself with such successful pride and priority in

    You teach them while they are young, respect their talent and what amazing things are happening in your lives and being reflected into other cultures optimistically and positively.

  • Happy Birthday! IZ. You help us all celebrate life everyday of the week with your beautiful music and the way in which you present it is awesome. The You Tubes are eloquently full of life and reality of life too.

    You simply must celebrate every day as though it is your birthday as you provide that joy unmatchable anywhere for all of us.

    In the Spirit of His love and respect and admiration to you,