“Over the Rainbow” in NYC Times Square on New Years!

“Over the Rainbow” was played in New York Times Square on New Years! Check it out on this brief clip..


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  • IZs Over the Rainbow is so touching I can play it over & over & over & over LOL I could go on & on I just the way he sings the song he had such a Beautiful voice, so sorry to hear that he had passed away but, he’s OVER THE RAINBOW FLYING WITH THE BLUEBIRDS NOW MAY HE R.I.P

  • i didn’t know while he was living, nor had i heard his version of “over the rainbow.” but once i heard it, and saw his video, it became one of my favorite songs. i cry everytime for the beauty of his voice and spirit, becuz it comforts me and my friends whenever we lose someone and reassures us that they are never really gone. and neither is he. he lives in our hearts and souls. thank you, iz, for doing so much good.

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