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IZ and his wife

IZ with his wife, Marlene.

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  • From your fan:

    In Memory of a Great Musician, Inspirational Speaker and Singer, despite it being over 20 years since you graced the heavens with your presence, your name, your legendary music, and motivational wisdom still lives on… I am Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa (New Zealand). I never knew of you 20+ years ago but I really wish I did, It’s 2017 and people still find you as an Inspirational person blessed with a voice of an Angel. I hope to one day visit your homelands and acknowledge the difference you made in this world. We Love You Israel continue to guide us and inspire us in the many years ahead. Kia au te moe e taku rangatira. Hoki wairua mai, Hoki wairua mai…

  • Ambros Archuleta on

    I only today discovered this beautiful man, with his beautiful voice. I am in awe of the impact he left on the world and will treasure his music as long as I’m breathing

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